Frequently Asked Questions


Network Monitoring


Q: Why did the remote access to my DVR work two days ago but not today?

A: Most likely you are getting dynamic IP address from ISP provider. If IP is changed, current setting would not work. To verify if IP is valid, ping it.


Q: Do I need different Network Viewers for 4-channel and 16-channel DVRs?

A: If you are using latest NetGuard, v.2.01, then you only need one DVR. If you are using Network Viewer, then you need different installation for different DVRs.


Q: How many login userid are available on Network Viewer?

A: You can set up several user accounts on Network Viewer, but they are for local login only. 3016 comes with two user accounts on the system: admin (9999) and viewer (0000).


Q: Can I have a dynamic IP for my DVR and still be able to monitor remotely?

A: Our DVR supports dynamic IP. Once it is connected to the modem provided by your ISP, you can monitor DVR remotely if you know its IP address. Since the IP changes from time to time, you need to know the new one each time it changes. An alternative is to put a router that supports DDNS between the modem and DVR. Then register your domain name with


Q: What does FTP function in 3014 Communication Setting do?

A: It allows the DVR to transfer JPG files to an FTP server in the alarm mode. For example, someone triggered the motion detection then the recorded snapshot will be transferred to a remote site. Even if the burglar stole the DVR, the picture would have transferred to a safe place. Lan Camera could send the picture through e-mail so one can receive it from a cell phone.


Q: I'm using remote software to view my events from a different location that was recorded earlier, how come I can't hear the audio remotely? But when I go the DVR and playback there I can hear the audio.

A: Our software does not support audio to be review remotely at this time, but in the near future this will be added.


Q: On the 3016, I'm using remote viewer to view live feed from the unit and when there is motion the software buzzer goes off, how to disable the remote viewer buzzer sound?

A: At this time there is no way of turning off the buzzer on the software.


Motion Detection


Q: When motion detection is triggered, how long will recording last? If 16 cameras are connected to 3016, do all cameras start recording or only the triggered one?

A: Once a motion is detected, the recording duration could be 1 second to non-stop, depending on the value set in the parameter. Number of cameras to record is also set in parameters. If it is set Exclusive, then only one camera will record. If three cameras are set as Exclusive and they are all triggered, then all three will share the recording time. If any of them has a lower priority, such as Interleave, Double or Normal, then it will not record at the same time.


Q: Can I set each dot in the target zone individually on Motion Setting?

A: Yes. You can narrow the target window to include only one dot then set it. But why do you want to do that?


Q: My unit keeps beeping on motion, how to turn off beeping?

A: Most likely the unit is set on motion detection and when motion is detected the unit will beep. You will need to turn off this feature, on 3004; 3009; 3016 go to the alarm out link in the alarm setting to set buzzer on motion to OFF. 3011; 3014; 3021; 3024 go to system setting and select buzzer to OFF.


Q: On the 3016, there is alarm duration and in motions setting there is also a duration setting I can adjust, what is the difference?

A: Alarm duration is how long you want to record when motion has stop. Motion duration is how long does the motion has to keep moving to consider to be an alarm.


Image Saving


Q: If I donít have an SD card and my DVR is not model-D, can I still save the video on my DVR?

A: Yes. We carry a product, ADP-6006, that contains an adapter to connect to your HD and a viewer to view the video. Other than this, the only way is to use a VCR to record the video while playing. Not an elegant way but it does work.


Q: How long can I record on the SD card? 3011; 3021; 3024; 3016?

A: 3011; 3021; 3024 will record up to 300 Frames and 3016; 3009 will record up to 90 seconds.


CALL Monitor


Q: How to make CALL monitor display several channels?

A: CALL monitor can only show one channel in full screen. But you can make it show different channels sequentially. First you need to set up the dwell time on each channel. It is set in SEQUENCE SETTING. Then press CALL button and SEQ button simultaneous to make the sequential display on the CALL monitor.


Panel Keys Locking


Q: Front panel keys are not functioning.

A: Check if front key lock is enabled. Another possibility is a loose wire in the box. Reconnect it should solve the problem.


Q: Can I lock the recording key so no one can stop it from recording?

A: On 3016 menu, Advanced Setting -> Operation Lock -> Record Key lock.

On 3014, Key Lock can be achieved by holding Enter button for at least 3 seconds. To release Key Lock, hold the same button again. (Only described in the manual, not on the online menu.)


Misc. DVR Questions


Q: If I purchase a shockproof mount rack to install my DVR on a vehicle; do I need a voltage converter to stabilize the voltage from car battery?

A: The package comes with a voltage adapter. One needs it to stabilize the voltage that may vary from 11.5 to 14.4 volts. A high voltage may shorten the lifetime of a HD.


Q: Can I connect my laptop to the DVR directly?

A: Yes. Use a crossover cable to connect the two devices. Set both machines to have DHCP off and both have IP addresses that are the same in the first three fields.


Q: I can't update the firmware on the unit, I get SD error, but I can save files on it fine on my computer. What the problem?

A: Make sure the SD is formatted to FAT, when upgrading the firmware the unit will only read FAT not FAT32.


Q: Can I buy my own HD for my unit?

A: Yes, but refer to the manual for compatible Hard drives, you can also check the website


Q: Why my unit showing "No Disk" I do have a HD installed?

A: Verify the list on which hard drives are compatible and check jumper setting on the hard drive.